March 29

Version 1.2.3

πŸ›  Fixed : Daily playlist not start at the time has been fixed

πŸ›  Fixed : Edit Playlist Scheduler can not update because validation issue has been fixed


March 17

Version 1.2.2

βœ… Added : Live real time map update without page refresh for viewers and country (in admin panel and broadcaster panel)
βœ… Added : Schedule stream on simulcasting (social media relay) for WebTV or Hybrid broadcaster type
βœ… Added : Custom restream relay for RTMP and M3U8
βœ… Added : Play Jingle every X seconds

βš™οΈ Updated : Update PHP to 7.4
βš™οΈ Updated : Software all vendor packages updated
βš™οΈ Updated : Add new vars for all language files

πŸ’– Improvement : RTMP password auth change api url to local ip its more faster and stable

πŸ–‹ Changed : Broadcasters list for admin and reseller removed description from action buttons and added as title
πŸ–‹ Changed : Show 50 account list default at broadcaster list and video statics page under broadcaster panel
πŸ–‹ Changed : Record option available only for Hybrid type for broadcasters
πŸ–‹ Changed : Current Video and Current Playlist available only for Hybrid and WebTV type for broadcasters
πŸ–‹ Changed : Branding logo watermark option available only for Hybrid and WebTV type for broadcasters
πŸ–‹ Changed : All vdopanel default URL in mail templates has been removed

πŸ›  Fixed : Oneshot Playlist Scheduler end time issue
πŸ›  Fixed : Change time zone for admin panel has been fixed
πŸ›  Fixed : Stop current Live Stream process after suspend broadcaster immediately
πŸ›  Fixed : Playlist mode (Shuffle and Sequential) current status set correct


February 13

Version 1.2.1

βœ… Added : Support more language (Hebrew)
βœ… Added : Supervisors full system and permissions to manage (resellers - broadcasters) instead of admin login
βœ… Added : Historical reporting and statistics for broadcasters (integrations with goaccess)
βœ… Added : Viewers on world map for admin and broadcaster dashboard panel
βœ… Added : Which video played and how many times include from which country
βœ… Added : Easy way to update vdopanel software from admin panel GUI for users who do not have knowledge with SSH
βœ… Added : Simulcasting dailymotion for social media stream feature

βœ… Updated : Local server Geo database updated
βœ… Changed : Allow special characters for login passwords
βœ… Changed : Remove vdopanel.com url from email templates header logo
βœ… Changed : Update style for checkbox and radio for all pages contain it
βœ… Changed :Social Stream page server location in Twitch tabe changed to get from vdopanel local geoip instead of outgoing limited API

βœ… Fixed : Security critical bug
βœ… Fixed : Create playlist if other broadcaster user use same name
βœ… Fixed : Removed spaces in some of inputs in UI (Social Stream page - Backup Config page for remote host)
βœ… Fixed : Reseller create broadcaster accounts issue and other bugs
βœ… Fixed : Real time Visits Chart fix static counter for viewers so will show correctly and chart will increase auto and added time to chart
βœ… Fixed : Missing software config files on cPanel servers for new installation (it was copied on wrong path)
βœ… Fixed : Add backup and transfer progress and log to languages files
βœ… Fixed : Change bitrates value description in UI from mbit to kbps
βœ… Fixed : Notification for storage limit for broadcaster fixed and updated
βœ… Fixed : End time for scheduler daily and oneshot playlist if nonstop playlist not exists


January 12

Version 1.2.0

βœ… Improvement : Getting public IP for the Server if Used local IP in Case NAT Settings

βœ… Improvement : Widgets Code Now is Responsive for Player

βœ… Fixed: Create Reseller Account Issue


January 07

Version 1.1.9

βœ… Added : Support CentOS 8

βœ… Added : Support more languages

βœ… Added : Create playlists as jingle video played each X videos

βœ… Added : Stream Recording for Live streaming

βœ… Added : Twitch and Periscope for Social Media Relay

βœ… Added : Support new video extension type .flv

βœ… Added : Change and update player pages background

βœ… Added : Update VDOPanel API for new features for WHMCS module

βœ… Improvement : Hybrid player to be fast when switch from live to webTV

βœ… Improvement : Update nginx for new installation and current VDOPanel servers

βœ… Changed : New tab Live Broadcasting for (Security Setting - Recorder Setting)

βœ… Changed : Update (Billing and Limits - Profile Info) pages

βœ… Fixed: Completed missing content under Quick Links page

βœ… Fixed : Delete playlist file on server storage after delete playlist from panel


December 22

Version 1.1.8

βœ… Added : Support cPanel servers

βœ… Added : Add and support multiple language (Arabic - English - French - German - Greek - Italian - Persian - Polish - Romanian - Russian - Spanish - Turkish - Chinese)

βœ… Improvement : ffmpeg process and connection

βœ… Improvement : file manager work

βœ… Improvement : nginx and webserver work

βœ… Fix : backup functions

βœ… Fix : bugs and Improvement hybrid player


November 29

Version 1.1.7

♥ Bug fixed and performance improvement.



November 24

Version 1.1.6

♥ Added : Directory list for broadcasters channel.

♥ Fixed: File manager multi select.

♥ Fixed : One-shot scheduler playlist.

♥ Changed : New tab "WebTV Management" for (File Manager - Playlists Management - Playlist Scheduler) in broadcaster panel.

♥ Changed : New tab "Utilities" for (Quick Links - Widgets - Branding - Geo Settings - Directory List) in broadcaster panel.


November 17

Version 1.1.5

♥ Added new option for live streaming from PC to allow connect with RTMP password auth and set it as a default and added copy buttons.

♥ Update Quick Links page with more data for new RTMP auth and added copy buttons and more.

♥ Improvement Viewer Limits counter for admin and broadcaster.

♥ Added new option Service Control for broadcaster panel to restart, stop, start service streaming.

♥ Improvement scheduler playlist work.

♥ Improvement and fix file manager functions.

♥ Improvement ffmpeg with RTMP service.

♥ Fix alias domains option in admin panel.


November 14

Version 1.1.4

♥ Added: New option for live streaming from PC to allow connect with RTMP password auth and set it as a default and added copy buttons.

♥ Updated : Quick Links page with more data for new rtmp auth and added copy buttons and more.

♥ Improvement Viewer Limits counter for admin and broadcaster


November 11

Version 1.1.3

♥ Added full backup system (scheduling - manually - restore local, remote and manually backup)

♥ Added transfer tool to migrate broadcasters accounts from VDOpanel to VDOpanel server

♥ Added restart service to admin panel

♥ Added reorder option for sequential playlist video files

♥ Fix login issue for broadcasters

♥ Improvement ffmpeg with RTMP service


October 17

Version 1.1.2

βœ… Improvement ffmpeg process with WebTV stream.

βœ… Add .webm video extention for WebTV stream and file manager

βœ… Improvement clear system logs files auto

βœ… Fix bug in daily and oneshot scheduler

βœ… Seurity Issue Fix


October 13

Version 1.1.1

βœ… Fully Branded Reseller system.

βœ… SSL auto renew.

βœ… Social Media Streaming (Live Relay on Facebook and YouTube)

βœ… Update timeline and change log in the update page when available new update.

βœ… Account Type, Owner and Account Setup Date for broadcasters list.

♥ Fix broadcaster panel logo will take same logo uploaded by admin.

♥ Allow local server IP and public server IP to local streaming.

♥ Fix bitrate resolution


September 17

Version 1.1.0

βœ… 1st Version Released



August 10

Beta Version

βœ… Beta Version Relesed