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SMTP Configurations



SMTP Configurations

You need to perform certain SMTP configurations in order to send Email notifications to the customers.

To do so:

  1. From the Left Pane, click System Settings to expand it.
    The following sub-sections display.

    1. Admin Settings

    2. SMTP Configurations

    3. License

    4. API Settings

  1. Click SMTP Configuration.

The SMTP configurations display.

  1. Set or update the following SMTP configurations as required:



SMTP Server

Specify the name of the SMTP server to be used for sending the Emails.


Specify the port for the SMTP server specified above.

SMTP Username

Specify the username used to log in to the specified SMTP server.

SMTP Password

Enter the password for the SMTP username specified above. 

SMTP Address

Specify the address to access the specified SMTP server.

After updating the above parameters, click Update.
Your profile will be updated.

If you want to verify the specified SMTP configurations, click Test Message.