Adding a Language

VDO Panel is fully multi-lingual and supports 12 different languages out of the box.

VDO Panel includes 12 Admin & Broadcaster Area Translations by default. These are:
English - English,  Español - Spanish, Français - French, Hebrew - עִברִית, Italiano - Italian, Persian - فارسی, Polski - Polish, Pусский - Russian, Română - Romanian, Türkçe - Turkish, Ελληνικά - Greek & 汉语 - Chinese

Words and phrases are defined in language files stored in the /home/vdopanel/public_html/resources/lang/ directories for both the admin and broadcaster areas.

If you wish to customise any of the language strings, we recommend following steps:

If your language not exists like Croatian you can create new folder in this path in your software files


create folder with your language name like "Hrvatski - Croatian"

and copy lang.php file from English laguage folder

/home/vdopanel/public_html/resources/lang/English - English/lang.php

to you new language folder

/home/vdopanel/public_html/resources/lang/Hrvatski - Croatian

and you can translate it

the new language will add auto to your language inputs

Also you can share the language file after you complete it to review and will add it as official language in our vdopanel for improvement.

If you spot an inaccuracy or inconsistency in a translation, please contact us and let us know. We rely on the dedication and generosity of our users for contributing translations.