Broadcasters Features

Multiple Encoder Types

Plugin Cast Allow multiple encoders so you will be able to use according to your requirements. Available Encoder types: Mp3, Vorbis, Opus & AAC+


Crossfade lets you eliminate the silence between tracks so your music never stops. When crossfading is enabled, it specifies how many seconds to the end of a track and blended into the beginning of the next track.

Facebook Live Streaming

Plugin Cast Allow you to publish your Live Streaming services to Facebook using our Live Streaming Relay function. You can publish to either a Facebook Page or your own Timeline or your Group.

YouTube Live Streaming

Plugin Cast Allow you to publish your Live Streaming services to YouTube using our Live Streaming Relay function. You can publish to your YouTube Channel without any hassle.

DJ Manager

Control panel allows you to create multiple DJs for the radio. While creating, we are able to give different account privileges like Stream Configuration, Manage Playlist, Manage Media, FTP Access, View Logs etc. From this features, DJ is able to work independently. This provides a complete, all-in-one solution for setting up an Internet radio station.

Port 80 Proxying

Plugin Cast includes a port-80 proxy that can be authorized on the Plugin Cast administration area. This enables listeners to tune in to audio streams using TCP port 80 (the port normally used for serving web pages) which may be useful for listeners who are behind restrictive firewalls that prevent access to the port numbers normally used by streaming servers.

Advanced Playlist Scheduler

Control panel allows you to create different types of playlist schedulers. Control Panel allows 3 types of schedules: Non-Stop, Daily & One Shot.

Auto DJ Support

In addition to providing total control over your streaming server, Plugin Cast also provides the comprehensive auto DJ system. Never again will your clients need to rely on their own PC to broadcast their stream!

Priority & Weight

The playlist with higher priority will be played over a playlist of lower priority. When the priorities of playlists are the same, we use the weight, which determines the selection of a playlist. For example, for 2 playlists with a priority of 1, and the first one has a weight of 1, and the second one has a weight of 2, then you should have 1/3 of songs of the first playlist and 2/3 of songs of the second one.


For an Instant song, Place song desired in the Program Requests that will be played immediately.

External Schedules

Control panel allows you to schedule external files or any other radio stations streaming.


Completely automate your audio streaming server with our scheduled and powerful playlist manager and broadcast your FM Radio 24/7.


For the music files upload you don't have to look for the FTP or SFTP clients you can easily arrange everything with the web interface. Everything managed with Drag & Drop File Uploader.


For uploading and downloading Music Files for individual streaming account File Transfer Protocol (FTP) auto activated while creating an account. And all uploaded music available in admin panel Media Manager section schedule their media using Plugin Cast's advanced playlist scheduling system.


From this feature, you will able to play any Big MP3 files in a playlist. Which save user Auto Space. A user can store the mp3 files in Google Drive, Dropbox or SoundCloud.


Plugin Cast Allow multiple auto DJ type so you will be able to use according to your requirements. Specially Ices (MP3), Ices (OGG) & Liquid Soap (MP3)


Plugin Cast Internet Radio Hosting Panel allows you to create the account of Secure Audio Streaming Protocol and you will be able to set up the outgoing transmission on your Official Website and Apps approved by you.

Calendar View

All scheduled playlist is shown in a calendar view. First, the external schedules appearing in yellow will be played. Then, the playlists appearing in green will be played according to their priority, which is illustrated by a brighter shade of green. If several playlists have the same color, they will be played simultaneously with respect to their weight which is shown in parenthesis.

Upcoming Song Widget

Control Panel has upcoming song widget feature which helps listeners and program producers to know about the coming song or program.

Relay / Redirection Features

You can redirect the radio to another radio. The radio will play the same music of the redirected target radio. You can redirect a radio to another radio by entering the target radio and radio port. This doesn't mean that you can redirect to all radios, it can only be redirected to radios which allow relay/redirection.

Playlist Scheduling Features

Plugin Cast supports multiple playlists for each stream. Each playlist can be configured individually to control precisely how and when it will be played at a specific time, on a repeating schedule, or on a rotation schedule with support ranking by popularity (known as "weighting").

Scheduled Playlists

Scheduled playlists play on a specific date, at a specific time, and can be configured to repeat every day, week, month, or year on a recurring schedule.

Listeners Average Listening Time

Control panel will show your listeners average listening time report. This helps you to develop the further business plan.

Listeners Maps

From the Listeners map, you are able to get all the listeners details with the pointers. This helps you to get the idea of the current listeners.

Listeners by Operating System

Control Panel allow you to get the details about the listeners using the operating system.

Listeners by Country

Control Panel listener statistics section helps to get the exact statistics of listeners by the country name. You will be able to get listeners report by different time range like Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This month, Last month and custom Date.


Plugin Cast Control Panel allows you to monitor current listeners of all stations as well as current bandwidth using statistics by the server.

User Agents

From this feature, you will able to get the idea about your listeners listening behavior because user agent indicates which mobile app, player, or browser listeners are listening to your radio.

Station Id & Intro

In Control Panel there are two default playlist: Station ID & Intro. In Station ID you are able to upload ID of your radio and define the frequency of playing like after 5 tracks, 10 tracks etc, as well as Intro Playlist. If you enabled Intro and uploaded music then while listing, radio stream starts with Intro Music.


Analyze your listeners’ History of different Span of Time; Today, Yesterday, Last 3 Days, Last 7 Days, This Month, Last Month and Custom Date Range.


Here you can find the links to your stream, for transmitting, uploading or listening to your program.


For quick implementation in your website get different Widgets Script for your website.

Account Log

Account log contains errors, warnings, and informational events that are related to the operation of the account.